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A natural approach
February 15th, 2022 + The Naturopathic Co.

As naturopaths, we take the time to listen to your health story. We want to understand how you came to this point in your health journey.

The naturopathic consult includes comprehensive case taking in order to determine the root cause of a health concern rather than rely on one single diagnosis or just treating symptoms.

As natural medicine practitioners, we treat the whole person and believe that disease processes occur when there is imbalance or dysfunction in the body. This means that illness is viewed as a process of disturbance to health, and we go about correcting it.

The naturopathic consultation time is much longer than a standard appointment at the GP. This allows the naturopath enough time to take a case history, discover any obstacles to health, and provide an appropriate prescription and treatment plan.

Testing may be required, and we can run integrative pathology and functional tests to assist us in diagnosis and treatment.

We can treat a range of conditions, such as skin issues, digestive issues, hormone and cycle dysfunction, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, stress, disordered eating, low immunity, autoimmune conditions. Our approach is gentle, restorative, but results-driven.

Do you have any health issues that you’ve been meaning to sort out but keep putting it off!?

Take your health seriously in 2023, and schedule a time with us

To treat digestive issues from the underlying cause, make time to see our South Yarra naturopath,  Brisbane naturopath, Sydney Naturopath, Perth Naturopath, Hobart naturopath, or Adelaide Naturopath, or find out if we can help you by booking a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call online via zoom

We offer services in major cities across Australia

Yvette is a qualified Melbourne-based Naturopath and Nutritionist, MINDD Practitioner, member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia, and Complementary Medicine Association. Yvette specialises in the treatment of digestive complaints, skin issues, mood disorders, hormonal concerns, fatigue, and also has a key interest in children’s digestive and neurological conditions. Click HERE to book your free discovery call Australia-wide.


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